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Who We Are...

Amazing Action Comics™ publishes creator-owned comics/graphic novels dedicated to telling original and amazing tales for everyone.  Publishing creator owned content allows creators a no holds barred attitude to create the stories they want to tell.  

At Amazing Action Comics we utilize crowdfunding opportunities to make our creators projects come to fruition.

We love comics and we love making comics! We hope you will join us on this AMAZING journey!

Here at Amazing Action Comics we are excited to share with our fans the next phase of PROJECT: SHADOW BREED. Volume Two promises to be nothing short of AMAZING! 

We are back with our favorite vigilante heroes and we have turned up the stakes. We hope you come along for the ride to see where our half werewolf super soldier goes next on his journey to finding out about his past.


We are excited to launch this campaign starting Thursday,

February 1st! We put together some AMAZING perks and

rewards for newbies and super fans. Be sure to visit our campaign page for all the details: PROJECT: SHADOW BREED VOLUME TWO #1 CAMPAIGN PAGE


Join us every Thursday morning at 10am as we go live with the Amazing Action Comics podcast. Join John and Angel as they review weekly independent comic releases and indie comic news.

Want to come on the podcast to promote your creation? They would love to have you on. Click the link below to access the podcast request form and set up a date/time.



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