Amazing Action Comics, in association with writer Dino Caruso and illustrator Paul Houston, are proud to announce the publication of “Courage” - an action-packed series with a silver-age feel. “Courage” is a four-issue mini-series, featuring the first adventure of the title-character and his amazing collection of friends and foes. 

Years ago, the costumed crime-fighter known as Courage suffered defeat at the hands of the nefarious criminal Volatile. Unable to cope with failure, the hero retired in disgrace. Now, years later, he's back and ready to set things right.

Drawn in a fun-spirited retro style by Paul Houston, with playful storytelling by Dino Caruso,  “Courage” is a tale of second chances, redemption and teamwork.


Writer/Creator: Dino Caruso

Artist: Paul Houston

Genre: Super Hero

Series: Four issue mini-series

Available: Digital Release, Online Store, Store Locations

2018 Amazing Action Comics™