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We are a small, but extremely, hard working publisher that believes that comic shops are at the center of our industry.  Everyone here at Amazing Action Comics™ wants to see this industry thrive and bounce back from the devastating pandemic, a.k.a, Covid 19. Many states have mandated non-essential businesses cease to conduct business until further notice.  Comic shops, unfortunately, fall under this category. (I know what you're thinking, comics non-essential? In what universe?!) Here at Amazing Action Comics™, we want to do our part and support those stores that have supported us since our humble beginning. Until the end of the mandated closures, when any customer checks out through our online store, Amazing Action Comics™ will send a store of your choice 50% of the purchase price.  (This includes comics, digital comics, variants, posters, and original art.)

Below is a list of stores to choose from.  Just put their name in the "Support My Local Comic Shop" box at checkout and we'll take care of the rest.  If your store isn't listed, please provide the store information in the box so we can add them to the list.  If you are a shop that wants to be added to our list, just send us an email: - We want to help as many shops as we can.

  1. Legacy Comics and Cards - CA

  2. World’s Best Comics and Toys - CA

  3. Boom Tube Comics - CT

  4. The Goblin's Cavern - CT

  5. The Comics Club, Inc - FL

  6. Quest Comic Shop - GA

  7. Goldmine Comics and Cards - MI

  8. Tardys Collectors Corner - MI

  9. Fanfare - MI

  10. The Joker's Child - NJ

  11. DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games - NC

  12. Astro Zombies - NM

  13. Comic Warehouse - NM

  14. Funny Business - NY

  15. Hypno-tronics Comics - NY

  16. Secret Comix Cave - NY

  17. Comic Collection - PA

  18. Codex Comics & Collectibles - PA

  19. JAF Comics - PA

  20. Comics Unlimited - TN

  21. Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy - TX

  22. Oiltown Comics - TX

  23. Twenty Eleven Comics - TX

Please share this message and make sure your local shop is aware of this opportunity. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

The Team at Amazing Action Comics™

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