(R) Project: Shadow Breed #2 CVR A

(R) Project: Shadow Breed #2 CVR A


Cover A - Main Cover


Written By: Justin Bartz

Art By: Stefani Magicianshouse

Letters By: Justin Birch

Cover Art By: Stefani Magicianshouse


Release Date: 2/5/2020

MSRP: $3.99 

Format: Standard Comic

Series: On-going

Page Count: 28
Audience: Mature

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Description: After their encounter with The Persuader, a professional “cleaner” hired by CIA agent Stonehenge to eliminate the vigilante problem, Marrok and Leroy find themselves with dead-or-alive bounties on their heads at the request of Mr. Andrews, the weapons smuggling warlord of Seattle. But when Leroy runs into his old drinking buddies at a local bar, things get a little out of hand. With flashbacks of werewolf soldiers, can Marrok get Leroy out of the bar before Leroy spills the beans?


2018 Amazing Action Comics™