(R) Red Hyena - Issue #3 (1 per Store)

(R) Red Hyena - Issue #3 (1 per Store)


Retailers qualify for this FREE 1 per store variant with purchase of 10 or more copies of Red Hyena #3 (any combination of covers)


Black & White Homage Variant - Cover C (Limited to 100 copies)


Written By: Justin Bartz

Art/Letters By: Julienne Burber

Cover Art By: Angel Santiago


Description: The exciting conclusion to Red Hyena's first three part mini series is upon us! From the east coast to the west coast, this adventure has Red using every trick in the book to pull this job off. Will it be enough though? With Rock Jaw hot on her tail, armed to the teeth with weapons and men from Mr. Powell and fueled by revenge. Rock Jaw's a man on a mission with only one thing in mind, kill Red Hyena. Can Red survive the trap that's been set for her by Rhinehard? Will Rock Jaw finally get his revenge on Red? Find out now in the final chapter of Head Games.

2018 Amazing Action Comics™