Project Shadow Breed is a sci-fi action roller-coaster of a ride with a scientific twist on classic horror monsters. When the US military hired SinTech to create a pack of werewolf super soldiers, they expected a highly trained killing unit. What they didn’t expect to create was Marrok!


Broken free from the program at the SinTech facility by Leroy Walsh, the man assigned to train him as a solo operative, the two unlikely heroes find themselves taking shelter in an abandoned church just outside the city of Seattle. After seeking justice for the innocent killed and injured during a terrible shooting incident in downtown Seattle, Marrok and Leroy uncover the truth about who is really running the city and just how far up it goes.

Written by: Justin Bartz

Art: Stefani Magicianshouse

Letters: Justin Birch

Variant Covers: Angel Santiago

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action

Series: On-going Series

Rating: Mature

Available: Digital Release, Online Store, Store Locations

2018 Amazing Action Comics™