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Real Name: Max Prescott
Group Affiliation: None
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 175 lbs
Nicknames: None
Arch-enemies: The Persuader, Lawrence Andrews
First Appearance: Project: Shadow Breed #1

Project: Shadow Breed was a classified military program in which SinTech took ordinary soldiers and turned them into werewolf hybrids. Marrok, a member of the original "wolf pack" was the second alpha in the pack which caused problems amongst the other members.

Marrok was later separated and reassigned to the CIA to become a solo operative. It is here in his training where he meets Leroy Walsh, the man responsible for Marroks freedom.

Fun Fact: Project: Shadow Breed has ties leading all the way back to the Roswell crash site of 1947.

Powers/Abilities: Increased strength, Enhance Speed, Increased agility, Accelerated healing, Elite combat skills, Weapons proficient.


Real Name: Leroy Walsh 

Group Affiliation: None 

Height: 6’1” 

Weight: 170lbs 

Nicknames: Old Man 

First Appearance: Project: ShadowBreed #1 


After retiring from the Marines in the mid 1990s, Leroy began his second career as a bounty hunter, taking high risk jobs that involved ex-military mem-bers who were considered to be extremely hostile.


In the early 2000s, the US Military and SinTech offered Leroy a job training their solo operatives for field missions.


It is here where Leroy meets Marok and helps break him out of SinTech and Project: Shadow Breed. 


Fun Fact: Leroy was the youngest scout sniper in the Vietnam war. 

Powers/Abilities: Master tactician, Elite combat Skills, Weapons proficient.


Real Name: Unknown
Group Affiliation: None
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 155 lbs
Nicknames: Mistress of Mischief & Mayhem
Arch-enemies: None
First Appearance: Project Shadow Breed #4


The Mistress of Mischief and Mayhem is one of the most sought after thieves in the world. There isn't a safe she can't crack or computer system she can't hack.

Not much is known about her or her past but what is known about Red is that she's a skilled gymnast and a highly trained martial artist and who's deadly with the sword.

Although she is mostly a thief for hire, she has been known to take a few assassination jobs if the price is right.


Fun Fact: Red Hyena once broke into the White House and spent the night in the Lincoln Suite.

Powers/Abilities: Some would say that sassiness (it's a word, trust us) and sarcasm are the Red's super powers.  However, her custom suits come in a close second.  They may look similar but each suit offers her additional abilities including; increased speed, agility, strength, and the capability of flight.


Real Name: Unknown

Group Affiliation: Private contract for agent Stonhenge, CIA. Previous, mafia enforcer

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 325 lbs

Nicknames: The Persuader

Arch-enemies: Marrok and Leroy Walsh

First Appearance: Project Shadow Breed #1


Although his real name is unknown, the mafia for years knew him as The Persuader. As a former enforcer and cleaner for several mafia families, The Persuader made a name for himself as a very reliable tool for mob bosses. 


After catching the attention of the CIA following the death of a high ranking government official, TP found himself stuck between a rock and hard place. That is until Agent Stonehenge was assigned to the case and saw the potential in using such a valuable tool for himself in furthering his own goals.


Fun Fact: The Persuader once took out an entire SWAT unit with his semi truck to eliminate a target they had in their custody.

Powers/Abilities: The Persuader shares a similar past with Marrok.  However, it's not clear when the Persuader received his abilities, but he does share the benefits of Increased strength, Enhance Speed, Increased agility, and accelerated healing. The Persuader enjoys what he does best and what he does isn't very nice.

Next Character Release (COMING SOON)


Real Name: ???

Group Affiliation: ???

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Nicknames: ?

First Appearance: ???



Fun Fact: ???

Powers/Abilities: ???

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