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Well, it seems you've stumbled upon site our and your interest was piqued.  That's um, what's the word? Awesome? No... Astonishing? No... it's more like AMAZING! Thank you for considering an independent publisher like Amazing Action Comics™ for your shop.  Below, you will some information on Retailer benefits.


  • A big retailer discount when ordering directly through us.

  • No minimum orders - But there are some perks for ordering more.

  • No contracts - Who needs them, keep ordering as long as you want. • No account needed All retailers receive a discount code to place orders.

  • FREE shipping on orders over $25 - If you’re close enough, we may even hand deliver and say hi. You never know. It could happen.

  • FREE exclusive variants! - Retailers are our superheroes! Whenever available, retailers who qualify will receive FREE limited variants. 

  • And more...


Use the form below and we'll be happy to send your WHOLESALE DISCOUNT CODE

Amazing Action Comics™ 

"Read Something Amazing"

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