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When an inter-dimensional horror starts chowing down on his customers, it’s up to Ronny, the one-eyed machine gun toting bartender to save his tavern and just maybe the world.

Available: Digital Release | Physical Copy



Broken free from the program at the SinTech facility by Leroy Walsh, the man assigned to train him as a solo operative, the two unlikely heroes find themselves taking shelter in an abandoned church just outside the city of Seattle. After seeking justice for the innocent killed and injured during a terrible shooting incident in downtown Seattle, Marrok and Leroy uncover the truth about who is really running the city and just how far up it goes.

Available: Digital Release | Physical Copy



The Red Mistress of Mischief and Mayhem is here! Catch Red Hyena in her own three part miniseries “Head Games.” After gracing the pages of issue #4 in Project Shadow Breed, Red finds herself hired to steal a crystal skull from a wealthy private collector in San Francisco. Can she get the job done before Rock Jaw or someone else steals it first?

Available: Digital Release | Physical Copy



Amazing Action Comics, in association with writer Dino Caruso and illustrator Paul Houston, are proud to announce the publication of “Courage” - an action-packed series with a silver-age feel. “Courage” is a four-issue mini-series, featuring the first adventure of the title-character and his amazing collection of friends and foes. 

Years ago, the costumed crime-fighter known as Courage suffered defeat at the hands of the nefarious criminal Volatile. Unable to cope with failure, the hero retired in disgrace. Now, years later, he's back and ready to set things right.

Drawn in a fun-spirited retro style by Paul Houston, with playful storytelling by Dino Caruso,  “Courage” is a tale of second chances, redemption and teamwork.

Available: Digital Release | Physical Copy



Jeffery Scott and Amazing Action Comics bring you an anthology of horror and humor that will make your spine shiver and laugh out loud!

Available: Digital Release 



The CALAMITY has ended, and the good guys won! Super-villainy has been eradicated from THE BLUE BINDER COMICS UNIVERSE, and the TENNA SIX have officially retired and hung up their capes. However, for Detective Dale Lanier, also known as the costumed crime fighter GYRFALCON, the fight isn't over just yet. A mysterious tip leads him to investigate a potentially serious crime, and demonstrates that our world still needs a heroic helping hand every now and again.


The GYRFALCON Calamity Aftermath one-shot is brought to you by the BLUE BINDER division of AMAZING ACTION COMICS! The creative team of Dino Caruso, Francisco Paronzini, Paul Little and Adam Wollet all hope you enjoy this rollicking, adventurous finale to a comic book universe that never really existed!

Available: Digital Release 



There's a legend about an ancient Inca temple rumored to hold the most powerful Incan artifact
from the ancient world. The Heart of Fire ruby is said to contain the power of the sun and if you can figure out how to unlock it's power, the holder of the ruby could be unstoppable. SinTech wants it so badly they are willing to make a deal with the red devil herself to acquire it. After their first recovery team is lost inside the temple, that's exactly what they do.

That's right! The Mistress of Mayhem, Red Hyena is back and better than ever in an all new
action-packed adventure. Full of thievery, one-liners, katanas, and a black market auction, what more could you ask for?


Red Hyena and the Heart of Fire has it all. This two-part story will forever change the Project: Shadow Breed/Red Hyena universes.

Available: COMING SOON

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