2018 Amazing Action Comics™


Here at Amazing Action Comics™ we are actively seeking to grow our family of independent creators.  Currently, we are a small publishing company looking for like-minded creators who love the comic medium and want to tell great stories.  We thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us, please read our official submission guidelines below. Good luck!




Amazing Action Comics™ only publishes creator-owned material. In other words, all submissions must be owned by creator(s).  All creator(s) must be acquired before submission. 


As Amazing Action Comics™ publishes creator-owned properties WE DO NOT PAY PAGE RATES. If you need funding to pay/assist for creating your comic (pencils, inks, letters, color, etc.), we recommend crowdfunding your project. If your project is selected to continue with us, we'll help promote your crowdfunding campaign and assist with getting it up and running.



Anyone who loves making comics as much as we do!  You don’t have to be an industry professional or have previous experience, though helpful.  If your work ethic is professional and  we dig your creation, that’s a great start with us.  At Amazing Action Comics™ we believe you get better at making comics when you are “MAKING COMICS”.  

In order to ensure success with your story, we ask that there be at least 3 issues in the can.  This will help when soliciting your comic.  Retailers feel more confident in investing in projects that are ahead of schedule.



Creators retain all rights to their intellectual property. The rights to produce, publish, and monetize merchandise, film, television, video game, etc. are all retained by the creator(s) of the work. Amazing Action Comics™ will only own publishing and distribution rights of your comic/graphic novel to various comic book and book markets. You can be assured—accepted or not,  your property will remain yours.



Amazing Action Comics™ takes a small flat fee off books published (non-digital) along with printing expenses.  Digital sales are paid to creators at %80 of sales.  Amazing Action Comics will do it’s diligence to promote/market and make available all titles under the Amazing Action Comics imprint.  Creative teams need to do their part in promoting their creations via social media channels to create brand awareness. Royalty payouts are on a quarterly schedule. It will be the responsibility of the creative team lead to determine the division of the remaining pay between their creative team members.



We are not looking for any specific genre. We are looking for comics that are well written and well drawn, by people who are dedicated to the medium and can meet requested deadlines.



An abundance of stories are out their in the world and so many want to be told.  We will respond to all submissions whether we decide to move forward or not.  Show a little patience and your submission will be reviewed and responded to accordingly.



Please do not submit any work that utilizes already existing characters or the like as they will automatically be declined.  Please do not send original artwork as items will not be returned.



If you send a submission without fully completed pages, the submission will be declined.


Cover letter

  • Summarize your project.  Include:

    • Target Audience: All Ages, Teen, Mature, Adult 

    • Style: Currently we publish comics in black and white, gray-tone

    • Type: One-Shot, Miniseries, Ongoing Series

    • Genre: Horror, Sfi-Fi, Action, Adventure

    • How much of the project is complete: Writing, Artwork, Lettering, Coloring (At least 3 or more issues must be complete)

  • Include Contact Information: (Please Note: Submissions will only be responded through email)

    • Name

    • E-mail address

    • Physical Address

    • Phone


  • Overall story arc

  • How many issues to complete arc (if applicable) 

Sequential Story Art Pages ​

  • Up to 8 pages of sequential Art. Minimum of 5

  • Must be fully inked and lettered

  • No character sketches or bios

Comic Cover ​

  • Give us a sense of your design decisions 

  • Create a cover that people will want to grab off the shelf


Email all submissions to submissions@amazingactioncomics.com with subject: “Creative Project Submission” or mail them to:


c/o Amazing Action Comics™
84 Hill Street
Wood Ridge, NJ 07075